Group Chief Investigators

Associate Professor Anna Ziersch

Flinders University

I am a public health social scientist with an overarching interest in health inequities and multidisciplinary and multimethod approaches to understanding the social determinants of health. My research in more recent years has had a particular emphasis on migrant and refugee health. This research has spanned an examination of housing and neighbourhood, stigma and discrimination, employment, education, immigration precarity, food security, social capital and social inclusion, regional resettlement, family and domestic violence, HIV, disability, and access to primary, oral and maternal health care. I have a strong commitment to applied outcomes, working with a wide range of government and non-government agencies, as well as communities, to ensure my research responds to community needs and contributes to positive change. I am a Co-Convenor of the Migration and Refugee Research Network.

Associate Professor Clemence Due

The University of Adelaide

My research areas are diverse, but linked by a focus on the health and wellbeing of individuals and families who are considered to be marginalised. I am particularly interested in psychological wellbeing, grief and trauma, maternity care, and bereavement care following pregnancy loss or neonatal death. My research is typically cross-cultural and applied and I work closely with communities to ensure translational outcomes. Much of my work concerns people with asylum seeking, refugee or migrant backgrounds and I work closely with refugee and migrant communities to ensure that my research is relevant and will lead to positive outcomes for community groups. I also have interest and expertise in developmental psychology, especially child and adolescent development and neuro-diversity.

Other Group Members

Dr Moira Walsh

Research Associate

Moira Walsh is an Early Career Researcher in the school of Medicine and Public Health at Flinders University focusing on social determinants of health and health equity for migrant and refugee populations. Moira has expertise in qualitative and participatory and co-designed research methods that seek to make space for marginalised perspectives to be represented and health inequities to be highlighted. Moira has a particular interest in gender and family relations and current projects are examining the changes to family dynamics caused by resettlement stressors for families from refugee backgrounds and community strengths and resources, and multi-lingual and intergenerational understandings of mental health for people from refugee backgrounds. Moira is also managing research projects that are examining neighbourhood life and social determinants of health for young people from refugee backgrounds, and, the mental health support needs of young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds with disability, and their carers.

Emily Miller

Research Associate

Emily Miller is a researcher interested in aspects of migration and settlement for people from refugee and migrant backgrounds. She is engaged with several research projects investigating the experiences of both adults and young people in relation to overall settlement, feelings of belonging or discrimination, cultural change and adaptation, health and wellbeing, family relationships and challenges, and employment. Emily has a background working with high school students in a range of roles, including as a teacher. She has built on these experiences in her research with young people, their families, and educators working with them in high school and university settings, providing evidence to inform education policy and practice.

Roheena Tahir

PhD Candidate

Amelia Winter

PhD Candidate

Ria Aiyar

PhD Candidate

Yahya Ahmed

Research Associate